District Enrollment numbers continue to climb for the 2022-23 school year

During the regular Board of Education meeting on July 18, 2022, Deputy Superintendent Sherri Cyra updated the district's enrollment numbers.

Based on data trends, district leaders make enrollment assumptions for the following school year. Currently, the MCPASD is over-projection at each of our grade levels, except 4K.

  • Elementary | 9 
  • Middle | 19 
  • High School | 43 

Crya mentioned that while the numbers for 4K are under projection, our district is still in a good spot financially as we don't see a significant increase in funding at this grade level. 

Overall, we are 9 students over our 4k-12 projections. Crya also compared the numbers to our enrollment count from last fall, and we are up almost 100 students. 

"As I look at the numbers, there is some encouraging information there that we may be turning an enrollment corner," she said.

Regarding our K-12 enrollment, we are already 71 students above our projection. If we continue to follow that trend, we should be at a higher enrollment by September.

Looking at the graph below, you can see our trends for 2022- 23 are lower than in previous years. However, we are showing that we are above projection. Looking at July historically, in all of our years except 2020, our enrollment has ended up being higher in September. 

Board Members commented that this is an excellent enrollment update and the numbers look promising. Cyra will be updating the board on new enrollment numbers sometime in August. 

To view the full board report,click here.