PRIDE MONTH SPOTLIGHT | Joe Bins, Kromrey School Counselor

Joe Bins loves being a school counselor at Kromrey Middle School. His role focuses on supporting students' social-emotional growth as well as career and academic planning. 

Bins says he is proud to work for a school district that recognizes PRIDE Month. He advocated for our District Services Center to fly the PRIDE flag, which has positively impacted our staff and students.

Pride Month is an entire month dedicated to the uplifting of LGBTQ+ voices, celebration of LGBTQ+ culture, and supporting LGBTQ+ rights. During this month, we take time to uplift and honor the identities of the LGBTQ+ community.

Bins had the following to say about working for a district that is inclusive:

I am so touched and proud of the MCPASD for recognizing PRIDE by raising the PRIDE flag! Although it might seem like a small gesture, it greatly impacts our MCPASD LGBTQ+ community! We've come a long way in recognizing and celebrating the diversity of students and staff. I went my entire K-12 education without seeing a single PRIDE flag in school, and the topic of the LGBTQ+ community was simply not discussed. I am so happy to work for a district that uplifts and honors the identity of all students and staff. Celebrating PRIDE Month reaffirms MCPASD's commitment to equity and shows that we love and honor our students and staff for being their most authentic selves.